Speed Book Creation – Part 3

In this 5-part video series, Rintu Basu, author of The Persuasion Skills Black Book introduces and illustrates 3 powerful creativity tools (Mind Mapping, 4MAT and Perceptual Positions) for generating and creating new content quickly and easily. Once you have discovered these approaches you’ll be able to devise and write books with ease, quickly come up with and produce high value information products in audio and video format, and also rapidly generate hundred of articles to help promote your book and yourself as an author.

This post was written by:

Rintu Basu

- who has written 30 posts on publishingacademy.com.

Rintu Basu is an NLP Trainer and the author of the best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book. An expert on accelerated learning, hypnosis, persuasion skills and NLP - Rintu also runs training via The NLP Company based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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