If you’ve ever found yourself inexplicably stuck… help is at hand!

“This book offers some excellent strategies of overcoming writers’ block. It’s full of
extremely useful and practical advice which will be of great benefit to any writer,
both novice and professional. I was heartened to know that I already follow some
of your advice.”

– Steve Taylor, Author of Making Time

In this practical and comprehensive writer’s unblocker, Tom Evans takes you on a journey
of the mind to help you banish your blocks forever and tap into an abundant flow of
inspiration and creativity.

Have you ever…

  • sat at the computer to write and completely froze up?
  • found yourself avoiding your writing tasks and doing anything else instead – even the ironing?
  • tortured yourself about what you ‘should’ be writing but just can’t seem to get going?
  • struggled to get all your thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto the page?
  • felt like your creative flow has just run dry?
  • needed a boost of energy, ideas and creativity – but had nowhere to get them?
  • worried about what people will think of you if you can’t get it written?
  • seen your chances of keeping writing deadline slipping away?

“Blocks is one of those books that not only works, but goes beyond what you expect.
Not only will it stimulate your creativity and free you from writer’s block but it
will also inspire you to greater heights and motivate you into action as well. This
treatise could well be a turning point for you!”

– Ron G Holland ‘The Billion Dollar Biker’, Author of The Eureka Enigma

Inside you will learn how to…

  1. Finish your book (or any other writing project) quickly and with ease
  2. Know exactly how to get into your writing into flow … and stay there!
  3. Be even more creative and inspirational in your writing
  4. Write more, write better and write faster
  5. Always feel confident in your ability to write well – no matter what
  6. Become free of those dreaded blocks once and for all!

Anyone who writes regularly, whether professionally or for pleasure, will at some point have found
themselves unable to get into their creative flow and achieve the literary results they are looking for.

“Tom is the 21st century prophet of clear guidance. His enthusiasm knows no bounds
and his genuine authenticity is very refreshing.”

– Colin Richards, Inventor of The Game of 33

Blocks is essential reading for…

  • experienced or aspiring authors
  • copywriters, journalists and editors
  • artists, musicians and designers
  • bloggers and marketers
  • anyone who writes for a living
  • anyone who has ever got stuck!

What Will You Discover Inside Blocks?

The Blocks Mind Map

This immersive and innovative book gives you a complete set of tools and techniques to help you overcome your
writer’s block, whatever the cause. Here is a sample of some of the things Tom Evans shares in Blocks to give you
a taste of what you’ll get when you get your hands on it…

“The power of Tom’s book to unleash creativity is brilliant and his explanation of the power of
Mind Mapping on page 39 is particularly apropos as it has bugged me for ages why Mind Maps work.”

– Bill Liao, Author of Stone Soup

  • Know Why You Should Write A Book
  • Find Your Guiding Motivation
  • Work Out What you Should Write
  • Sample Mindmaps from BlocksMake Time To Write
  • Get Into Your Creative Groove
  • Identify What’s Been Blocking You
  • Engage Your Whole Brain For Increased Creativity
  • Master The Mind Mapping Process
  • Meditate To Improve Whole Mind Not-Thinking
  • Collapse Your Thoughts For Creative Breaktroughs
  • Harness Your Superconsciousness to Find The Source of All Ideas
  • Become Fear-less & Let Your Words Flow
  • Understand The Physicality Of Inspiration
  • Eat Foods That Feed Your Creativity
  • Drink Properly To Lubricate The Creative Flow
  • Remember & Interpret Your Dreams For New Creative Ideas
  • Learn To Employ Reader-Centric Writing
  • Profile Your Reader To Write Better Books
  • Expand Time To Meet Those Tight Deadlines
  • Be Able To Write In Trance
  • Become The Best Author You Can Be
  • Learn how to write your book in your sleep.

This is more than just a ‘how to’ book, this is a manual for generating a creative mind.

It will help you tap into inspiration at will and understand how to become a GREAT writer.

“There is no other way to write a book. Tom injects a certain magic to the
whole process. I now have restored belief in my writing ability and creativity.”

– Joanne Simpson, Author of They Thought It Was All Over, They Were Right

Tom Evans - The BookwrightAbout Tom Evans

Tom Evans is an author and poet who specialises in removing writer’s block and mentoring other authors to
unleash their books. Following a 30 year career in the broadcasting and internet industries, Tom now applies
his business skills to deliver both innovation and inspiration for budding and established authors. As a
practitioner of both the esoteric and exoteric Tom has been called, by others, a seer, a wizard and an
alchemist. While making no claims to these lofty titles, he helps many authors turn their thoughts and
words into literary gold.

“Tom has made what I thought was impossible, possible and opened doors I thought could never
open for me. He has unlocked my potential and I feel excited to be starting a new writing journey.”

– Sarah Lamb, Author of Appreciating Angels

“…offers prospective writers a fabulous handbook to keep by
them with real and relevant exercises and practices.”

– Wendy Salter, Author of Herstoria and Green Stones

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“Tom has such a beautiful way with words.”
– Penny Power, Author of Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me

Now You Know What You Get Here’s What You Need To Do…