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Author’s Block

And why it’s different from writer’s block

When you get asked the same thing three times in the same month, you know it’s time to blog about it.

Last month, three different authors came to me with the same tale of woe. Either a publisher had not delivered what they said they would or had let them down on a previous promise.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned the publishing industry is no different from any other – it has its stars, its stalwarts, its pretenders and wannabes and even its cowboys.

All three authors had completed manuscripts which were all well worthy of being published. So writer’s block wasn’t the problem, they were suffering from something equally insidious – Author’s Block.

The only reason I spotted this was I’ve had it too and only just cured it a few months ago. Since then, my world [and that of my clients] has opened up to a load of new possibilities.

The issue isn’t with the publisher. All they are doing is unconsciously picking up self-doubt in the author. This could be either an unconscious fear of success, a fear of the unknown or a fear of failure or ridicule.

Fortunately, the cure is simple and it’s to take action and actions which lead to new levels of self-belief and motivation. When you take such action, you move a step closer to success and signal your intent that you are ready to become a successful published author.

Here’s the seven things I told each author to do:

1. I told them to buy a copy of my new book Blocks and listen to the Becoming Fear-less MP3 visualisation – it’s transformational – you can do that here – and for good measure, to get a copy of The Wealthy Author

The last chapter of Blocks tells all you need to know about Author’s Block and the others will be jolly useful too.

2. Ask yourself where else in your life this pattern of being let down by third parties you have no control over occurs. Ask yourself what is the common theme and learning to be had from tackling this pattern? Think about how your life would change beyond all recognition.

3. Upload your book to one of the many free ebook aggregator sites like Smashwords



– let people read the first 3 chapters for free. Contact me if you need help technically.

4. Get a Twitter account and read this blog – Useful links for authors on Twitter

5. Buy a new and relevant domain name and start a blog – this is the central pillar of your Author Platform.

6. Get an email account using this new domain name so as to look more serious and professional about your author brand (i.e. no @gmail or @aol)

7. As they were all fiction authors, I told them to submit their work to Harper Collin’s Authonomy or MacMillan New Writing & then to tell all their friends to read it, review it and Tweet from the high hills about it.

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Myebook – is this YouTube for ebooks?

I came across this amazing site this year and have been blown away by what you can do with it.

I’ve just put together a promotional sampler for my new book, Blocks.

It’s the brainchild of the most amazing chap called Sy Whitehall who must have William Caxton turning in his grave …

The site lets you not only publish ebooks and host them for free but it has just about the most amazing ebook builder you have ever seen …

Myebook - Blocks - click here to open my ebook
You can just simply upload a PDF and the system will process it for you automatically …

OR you can make your books a multimedia delight & do this …

– embed any file type – audio, PDF, MS Office, images, Flash

– add YouTube videos

– embed forms, PayPal buttons, hyperlinks to Amazon sales pages

They’ve also got some really exciting developments just around the corner – and once the Apple Tablet comes out, this site will really come into it’s own.

In the “Blue Peter” tradition, have a look and a listen to these samples of fiction I “made earlier” to get an idea of what else can be done …

100 Years of Ermintrude

The Magic Sunglasses


Authors, publishers & readers – take note, get an account and have a play …

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21 Useful Twitter Links for Writers

Calling all authors … did you know you could use Twitter to do all of this ?

Post samples of your words

Post your pictures & art

Post audio readings of your work

Post 12 seconds of video

Connect with other authors, publishers and agents like these

100+ of the best authors on Twitter

70+ Non-fiction authors on Twitter

25 Good Author, Publisher & Agent Follows

Bloomsbury Books

Simon Trewin

Hay House

Twitter Bird by NereskiFind amazing mentors & coaches like these

The Creative Penn

Julia McCutchen

Jo Parfitt

Maria Schneider

Connect with alternative publishers like these

Cooler ebook reader


Barnes and Noble




That’s 20, the 21st useful link is, of course …

Joe Gregory

If you know of any more, please add them below …

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